Jared “Twiggy” DiMascio : Founder/Editor/Writer

College: Keene State Jercules, Capt (07-11)

Club: RIO (09), MUT (’10), Darkwing (’11-’12)

Promotions/Communcations; Rhode Island Rampage (AUDL)

Writer, American Ultimate Disc League (2013)

Shaun “Tubs” Doherty : Writer/SM Correspondent

College: UMass Dartmouth Moon Unit (’08-’12)

Club : MUT (’10), Darkwing (’11-’12)

Pro: Rhode Island Rampage (#12) (’12)







4 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hello,

    My name is Alan Casucci and President & CEO of My Pole-ish Horseshoes and outdoor frisbee game. We would be interested in speaking with you regarding advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Please contact me at 508-251-0951



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