Awaken 2013

AwakenWith 22 New England teams (19 NE Region, 3 ME Region) scheduled to play Awaken this weekend, the tournament will now be moved to PA/NJ due to snow/inclement weather;

“Site Relocation due to 1 foot of snow on ground. Awaken (Session I) will be hosted this weekend in PA/NJ.
Once team movement is complete, the schedule will be adjusted.

Awaken (Session II) will be hosted in Saratoga Springs next weekend (March 30-31). This will be sanctioned.”

The last minute change could force most, if not all, teams to withdraw due to travel and accommodations. The ME Region teams will have a better chance, but a lot of Northern NE teams, Bowdoin, UNH, Keene, Salem and other MA teams may have a tougher time to make it to Awaken.

The outcome could be very detrimental to these teams because most are still looking to get the 10 sanctioned games for a ranking. Without 10 games, they will not be considered for Regional bids (cue last year’s debacle with Brown/URI). Teams will still be allowed to play in Conferences, and could earn bids to Regionals, but without teams getting the 10 sanctioned games, Regional bids will be allocated elsewhere.

Hopefully teams will still get to compete this weekend, but if not there is a second session the weekend after, which is the same as the New England Open. This would affect teams like URI, Bowdoin, Bentley, Northeastern and a few others, who are already planned to play at NEO.

How does this affect your team, or your season plans? Planning on making the trek down to NJ?

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