Brandon “Muffin” Malecek First Player to Sign for Whitecaps?

muffinWith the Boston Whitecaps‘ combine coming up on February 11th, we are sure to see a lot of top talent from the New England area. While other teams have signed players like Morgan Hibbert, Seth Wiggins, and Cody Bjorklund, the Whitecaps have yet to make any announcements.

However, on a recent Morrill Performance post, the possibility of Muffin signing with the Whitecaps is more than hinted at. Since he was Co-captain of the Rhode Island Rampage last year, one could speculate that he would be interested in the MLU.

If he is the first signed player, how many other Ironsiders will follow suit? Last year Teddy Browar-Jarus and Seth Reinhardt both joined him on the Rampage, and with the MLU season not impacting USAU’s Triple Crown tour that much, we could possibly see a lot more Elite players signing with the Whitecaps.muffinteams

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