Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference | Interview with Tiina Booth


We talked with Tiina Booth about the Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference, March 2nd, 2013 at Newton South High School.

How/When did the UCPC start? And what’s the story with the comeback? 

George Cooke and I started it in 2007.  We were both sitting under the tent at NUTC and came up with the idea (you can see more details on our website for the conference.)  We ran it for 07 and 08 and then let it rest for a while.  After the year that ultimate had in 2012, it seemed that the landscape had changed so much that it was time to revive it.

Who have presented in the past?

Presenters for UCPC 2008

“Strategizing for a Tournament”
Gwen Ambler
Seattle, Washington

“Speed, Agility, and Quickness on the Ultimate Field”
Michael Baccarini
Atlanta, Georgia

“Running Practices Your Team Will Love and Hate”
Tiina Booth
Amherst, Massachusetts

“                                                    “
Dan Cogan-Drew
Somerville, Massachusetts

“Introducing Beginners to Ultimate”
Peter Jamieson
Toronto, Canada

“Prepare to Play Your Best:  Constructing a Competitive Routine”
Kris Kelly
East Sandwich, Massachusetts

“Encouraging Commitment on Your Ultimate Team”
Miranda Roth
Seattle, Washington

“How to Run an Effective Tournament”
Josh Seamon
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

“Common Injuries, Treatment and Prevention for the Ultimate Athlete”
June Srisethnil
San Francisco, California

“Double Goal Team Building”
Kyle Weisbrod
Atlanta, Georgia

“D Team Scoring:  Getting More Offense Out of Your Block-Getters”
Ben Wiggins
Seattle, Washington

“A Discussion with the UPA”
UPA Staff
Boulder, CO

“A Discussion with DoG”
Jim Parinella, Nathan Wicks
Boston, Massachusetts


“The State of Women’s Ultimate”
Gwen Ambler
Miranda Roth
and others

“How to Develop an Ultimate Business”
Rob Baril-Ultivillage
Tiina Booth-National Ultimate Training Camp
Adriana Withers-VC Ultimate

“Professional Behavior in the Sport of Ultimate”
Kyle Weisbrod
and others

What is the range of attendees? (Youth players, parents, college players, club, etc)

We have really worked hard at finding something for everyone.  We have Mick Stukes coming in from Charlotte, NC, who analyzes some amazing video that breaks down throws, which I think everyone could always use. Brent Anderson will be talking about defense, Leila Tunnell will help any team structure better practices, George Stubbs and Ben Van Heuvelen will present on building team chemistry, and I am going to talk about the basics of mental toughness.  The list goes on and on.  We will have 32 different seminar and 2-3 panel discussions. I am particularly thankful to all the West Coast folks who are making the trip, as well as all the attendees who are traveling a great distance.  At this point, we will have an audience with representatives from Ohio, Illinois, California, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey . . . I think the early sign-ups from around the country shows that there is a tremendous need for this kind of event.

What is your main goal with the UCPC?

My concern in the last few years is that the growth of our sport is exceeding the training of our coaches and players.  As a retired teacher, I think that education is almost always the answer to a person’s growth, and, in the case of ultimate, the growth of a team and program.  Our hope is that everyone leaves the conference with renewed enthusiasm, some great ideas and a few new friends.

How does it typically run? (as in a schedule, or what a person attending might do for the day)

Registration opens at 8 and we will be on a strict schedule. No ultimate time at the UCPC.  The keynote by Ken Dobyns is our first event at 8:45, and then there will be 4 rounds of seminars, with about 7-8 offerings per round.  There will be time for everyone to eat lunch and stroll through the Ultimate Expo, our trade show and recruiting fair. We end with a panel discussion run by Skyd magazine about the Future of Ultimate.

Any speakers this year you’re particularly excited about?

I am already frustrated because I know I won’t be able to see everyone I want to, and I get to put together the schedule! We will be filming some of the speakers, so that should be helpful to those who can’t make the conference, as well as those in attendance who have to make some hard choices.  I want to attend the panel discussion on the State of Women’s Ultimate, because I see the next few years as a watershed moment for this division and I want to hear what the new generation of women’s players have to say.  And anything new on strategy is always fascinating to me.

How do you choose what you’re going to speak about?

I am passionate about sports psychology and my seminar is, “Mental Toughness 101:  The Myth of Momentum.”  I think that many teams and players overlook training and developing their mental game, so I hope that this will be helpful.  I may also speak on something else, depending on whether we need an extra speaker.

What are your hopes for the UCPC in the future? Will this be a yearly thing now?

I definitely think we will continue to run the UCPC every year, probably in Boston.  Perhaps we will expand to another city or move it around the country. It just really depends on whether this one turns out to be financially viable.  We have had some very generous donations from our partners and sponsors, so hopefully we will not take another hiatus from this.

The UCPC is a DEAL for those who can attend.  The individual ticket costs $75 and the gifts they receive will be worth at least half of that!.  I don’t want to give away too much and we are still working on specific donations, but I don’t think anyone will be disappointed when they receive their gift pack at registration.

Check them out on facebook! Registration is OPEN!

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